July 26, 2019


Have you ever read the scientific studies that have been done on human food cravings? For example if you are craving sweets, scientists say your body is really craving some of the minerals found in things like fruit and cheese, not chocolate cake! If you crave carbs, what you really need is foods filled with nitrogen, and craving junk food means you need calcium not french fries.

I have also heard the opposite, that people who are truly, deeply dehydrated often do not crave water - the very thing they need most.

What about your soul and emotions? I've heard Bill Johnson say that nearly every spiritual...

September 13, 2018

As I looked to my side, a sensation of excitement and wonder grabbed me. I found myself intrigued by what could be down that narrow path, but I felt so distracted.  I was distracted by the gorgeous, large trees looming over me and the fact that I was alone on this unknown trail.  Distracted because I only had about 30 minutes before I had to get back to my important task list for the day, and distracted by the fact that I hadn't had lunch yet.  Maybe I should wait until a different time my husband could join me down this trail? 

Still I kept looking at the trail that went off into who-knows-where.  Like...

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