October 19, 2019

I have something that has been burning on my heart for a few days now.  I finally have time to sit down and write it out…so here we go.


Yep.  Nothing to prove, nothing to hide.  It’s all Jesus.

We’ve been living in Australia for 4 months now (wow, has it been THAT LONG?) and it has been the craziest, most amazing God journey probably of our almost 13 years of marriage.  Really, I feel like I’ve been waiting to be here for forever.

The thing about being here 4 months now is that it’s just long enough to realize that we are, in fact, truly...

September 13, 2019


The Lord has been speaking to me, like many others, about holiness coming to the Church.  I have been sensing from Holy Spirit – and watching with my own eyes – that the Lord is moving on the hearts of His Bride to begin to let things just “drop off” in the current season.  People are beginning to feel a nudge to separate themselves from anything that is not beneficial to their intimacy with Abba.  It has not been a legalistic or highly “religious” decision for those who have chosen this road; it has actually been a divine agreement with Heaven to walk in greater degrees of being fully alive and awake...

July 26, 2019


Have you ever read the scientific studies that have been done on human food cravings? For example if you are craving sweets, scientists say your body is really craving some of the minerals found in things like fruit and cheese, not chocolate cake! If you crave carbs, what you really need is foods filled with nitrogen, and craving junk food means you need calcium not french fries.

I have also heard the opposite, that people who are truly, deeply dehydrated often do not crave water - the very thing they need most.

What about your soul and emotions? I've heard Bill Johnson say that nearly every spiritual...

May 3, 2019

If you follow my blog, this one is a little more raw than usual.

I believe vulnerability is so important, especially in the body of Christ.  There is no doubt in my mind that my victories (and even my processing toward my victory) can encourage and inspire others along their own journeys.  

This all started a few months ago when I started diving in to the book of John.  Usually the Holy Spirit leads me to read a particular book in the Bible and won't let me leave that book until I feel a release.  In this past season I have eaten up the book of John, and tried to imagine myself in every scenario with Jesus that John wri...

April 24, 2019

And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ - Ephesians 4:11-12 (ESV)


For the past few years, I have struggled with the "five-fold" gifts.  I am certain that these gifts are for equipping the saints and not for show, yet I have struggled because I have not known my place in them.  I struggled for some time because the temptation for comparison was always in front of me, although I am aware that I am a partaker...

January 25, 2019

He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.
Psalms 18:19 ESV


Strong's Definitions: מֶרְחָב - merchâb - mer-khawb'; from H7337; enlargement, either literally (an open space, usually in a good sense), or figuratively (liberty):—breadth, large place (room).

Carston, Mr. Frodo (one of our pups) and I went hiking once in the North Georgia mountains. The plan was to hike our way into the middle of nowhere and do a primitive camp for a few days and then return relaxed and satisfied.

I remember miles and miles (and MILES) of us hiking into the wilderness while we slowly crept around m...

October 9, 2018


God keeps speaking to me through sunrises lately. 

I don't mean that I wake up early and watch the sun rise on a daily basis (my usual time of awakening is actually just after the sun comes up).  I mean that I have been dreaming about sunrises while asleep.  And then I wake up and see photos of gorgeous dawn sky-paintings all over social media.  And it's always the sun RISING, not setting.

Just this morning, for example, after dreaming that I lived out on a mountain watching the sun rise, I saw 5 gorgeous photos on Facebook of the sun rising in my area.  Some were too stunning for words.

One of the drea...

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