March 8, 2018

The significance of this photo taken by my friend Kyle is just unreal. 3 years ago I rarely ever smiled like this and I certainly would not have been standing up on a stage with a microphone. Joy would not have been a word used to describe me. I was crippled by insecurity and I was battling some minor depression. I had some breakthrough in 2016 and then in early 2017 my life was rocked again with unexpected loss throughout the year, the hardest being my mother in February. I had moments where smiling was forced. I constantly fought darkness, insecurity and depression again. But you know what? I knew beyond...

March 8, 2018

Hillsong Worship posted this graphic a few days ago. I saw it on Facebook and the moment I saw it I choked up. I just can't believe that He chose me! Jesus chose ME to give His life for! I certainly did nothing to deserve it, and I have nothing in my own strength to be called Worthy. He turned me from an orphan to a child, a daughter of the Most High! He took away my insecurities and transformed me on the inside. I have nothing to prove and nothing to hide. I am His and He is mine. He chose me, He chose me, I am chosen!!!! I was loved even In my darkest hour. This revelation is hitting me in such deep ways this mornin...

February 3, 2018

**First published a year ago.....wanted to re-release as I feel that it's a word for NOW as well!

I had a dream recently that played out quite like an animated children's story, but beautiful and encouraging.

I dreamed that there was a great Tribal warrior standing on a plain, looking out into the horizon. His job was to keep an eye on this horizon. As he watched, there suddenly sprang up in front of him a dark, ugly and threatening tree. Soon there were many little shrubs and bushes that sprang up around the tree, choking out the light and hindering his view of the horizon. He was a mighty warrior who could have easily...

January 25, 2018

While praying with a friend earlier, God gave me a picture in my mind that was to greatly encourage her, but I feel like it is also for someone else as well.

I saw a person holding a shield which appeared larger than the person. The person was crying, flustered and nervous, and shook under the weight of the shield - but with determination held it up none the less. And as the arrows flew and the lies and fears attempted to penetrate, nothing could get past the shield. The longer the person held up the shield the stronger the person's arms became.

Soon an army came around the person, each Soldier linking arms with one ano...

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