October 28, 2019

**If you are a subscriber to this blog, you will see that this is an amended version of something that was sent hours ago.  My amazing husband and I were able to process some of what I wrote in the first blog, and he helped me to see that I needed to cover this thing in glorious, intercessory prayer first and then publish out of the fullness of a heart completely connected to the heartbeat of the Father (and not leave room for any fleshly ideas).  Thus, my second go at publishing this open letter.  

Dear Mr. MacArthur,

I feel like the issue in this blog has been a long time coming for me.

So THANK YOU, Mr. Ma...

October 19, 2019

I have something that has been burning on my heart for a few days now.  I finally have time to sit down and write it out…so here we go.


Yep.  Nothing to prove, nothing to hide.  It’s all Jesus.

We’ve been living in Australia for 4 months now (wow, has it been THAT LONG?) and it has been the craziest, most amazing God journey probably of our almost 13 years of marriage.  Really, I feel like I’ve been waiting to be here for forever.

The thing about being here 4 months now is that it’s just long enough to realize that we are, in fact, truly...

October 8, 2019

Whatever house you enter, first say, 'Peace be to this house!'
Luke 10:5 ESV

I'm sitting on a Brisbane bus this morning. The bus driver, a man who I see fairly regularly on the 433 to Toowong Village, has such kind eyes and a lovingly genuine smile. I'm unsure of whether he is a follower of Jesus or not, but he certainly carries a great deal of peace and kindness for a big city bus driver.

Before I climbed aboard the workday bus this morning, I was reading part of a chapter in a book called THE VEIL by a guy called Blake Healy (I highly recommendthis book). Blake is a guy whom God has blessed with the incredible gif...

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