September 24, 2018

I am a photographer by trade. As I write this, I am currently waiting for over 2,800 photos to upload so that I can begin working on editing. I was hired to photograph a wedding this past weekend. My normal second shooters were unavailable and I had few options, so I asked my husband to help out.

Now I know that sounds like I'm saying that my husband is sloppy seconds or a desperate last resort, but the truth is that he has never really enjoyed coming with me on any family photo sessions or the like. But much to my surprise, he happily agreed to tagging along and helping with this big wedding.

Normally my husband an...

September 13, 2018

As I looked to my side, a sensation of excitement and wonder grabbed me. I found myself intrigued by what could be down that narrow path, but I felt so distracted.  I was distracted by the gorgeous, large trees looming over me and the fact that I was alone on this unknown trail.  Distracted because I only had about 30 minutes before I had to get back to my important task list for the day, and distracted by the fact that I hadn't had lunch yet.  Maybe I should wait until a different time my husband could join me down this trail? 

Still I kept looking at the trail that went off into who-knows-where.  Like...

September 12, 2018

Have you ever felt as if you were READY.  I mean, really, really, ready.  Like, the frustratingly "oh my gosh... please let this be the season" kind of ready?  The kind of ready that you have rehearsed in your mind, over and over (usually in the crazy hours when you should be sleeping).  Yes, THAT kind of ready. 

I've been ready for awhile now.

[Because I'm a nerd and love words and definitions]

ready:  ˈredē/ - adjective - in a suitable state for an activity, action or situation; fully prepared.

I've heard it said that our character needs to be able to sustain where our destiny is taking us.  Although I don't f...

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